What kind of vacuum cleaner should you buy – 2018?

Vacuum cleaners are a very helpful tool to clean up the living space of your home, especially with families in the city, or families with young children. Vacuum cleaner is also household products that the number of models, types, prices are extremely rich. This makes choosing a good vacuum cleaner for your family is not likely to be easy. This article will learn together with you to buy the best vacuum cleaner – 2018.

To assess a vacuum cleaner that is good for your family, it must be based on affordability as well as specific usage conditions. So a good vacuum cleaner in this case but not sure in the other case. Let’s first learn the basics of choosing a good vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner and cost

Vacuum cleaners are usually divided into the following four categories, which help buyers determine which type of appliance is best for their family.

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Handheld vacuum cleaner

Also known as mini vacuum cleaner, is a compact vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner for small areas such as corner cabinets, beds, next to you. This machine is usually battery operated, so its vacuuming time is quite limited, not suction of large areas.
Car vacuum cleaner
This is a portable vacuum cleaner used in cars. It is characterized by compact design, moderate suction power, and a suction head that suits narrow positions.

Vacuum cleaner box or dust bag

This is the most common type of vacuum cleaner currently available, consisting of a suction head that is connected to the container / dust bag and the engine with a long duct. Thanks to this design, the box vacuum cleaner is quite flexible, can be drawn in the angular position is relatively narrow. 
A number of other comparisons between a vacuum cleaner and a bag vacuum:
Pocket vacuum cleaners are more durable, less damaged than box vacuum cleaners
Case vacuums usually have higher suction power
Case vacuums are often more noisy than bag vacuum cleaners, best lightweight upright vacuum cleaner 2018
Some bag vacuums have the function of self closing the bag when removed, so you do not have less dust

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Vertical vacuum cleaner

A type of vacuum cleaner with a large capacity, often with a revolving brush to increase the ability to vacuum. This type of vacuum cleaner has an engine mounted just above the suction head.

Vacuum cleaners in vertical form suitable for flat floor, large area, it is less common in Vietnam.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaner that can self-operate and self-vacuum, it can only operate with flat surface area is not too large.

Automatic vacuum cleaners are relatively expensive, with limited dust removal capacity, so it is less common.
Dust light
This is a fairly common function now, when the vacuum cleaner is full, the dust light will tell you to remove the dust from the box. This feature helps keep the dust from stuck in the machine, leading to jams, broken machine.

Vacuum cleaners exist in two types of capacities: power consumption as normal and suction power. Typically, these two types of power are proportional, but sometimes the suction power depends on the design of the vacuum cleaner. A good vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner capable of varying the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner.

The choice of vacuum cleaner depends on how much space the vacuum cleaner will use. For a large floor area, choose a high-capacity vacuum cleaner to save you time.

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Dust filter
A good vacuum cleaner is also shown in the ability to filter dust and kill bacteria. Vacuum cleaners with beautiful designs are not as good as vacuum cleaners with good dust filtration.

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Weight, loudness
Vacuum models in our country usually have a volume of 1 to 15KG. Most families opt for 4-8KG vacuum cleaners, which can be used by older adults or teenagers.

Vacuum cleaners, when operating, will emit noises, large or small, depending on whether the vacuum cleaner is good or not.
Manufacturer – Origin
Choosing a reputable vacuum cleaner will help you avoid buying inferior quality. Below we evaluate some of the most reliable vacuum cleaners available today for you to choose from.

Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner
Hitachi is a well-known manufacturer from Japan, succeeding not only with vacuum cleaner items. Some of the highlights of Hitachi vacuum cleaners are as follows:

Plastic body is good, less stain, easy to clean. Some samples can be seen clearly inside the body.
Equipped with a 7-step filter with Titanium Filter Technology and HEPA Filter, which purifies the air after passing through the vacuum cleaner.
Use dust container, cyclone and dust technology.
Suction tube easily change the length, can change the direction quickly but the hips are over
In general, the Hitachi vacuum cleaner is slightly more expensive than other similar products, but in return you get a quality product.

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