What good vacuum cleaner between Hitachi, Panasonic and Electrolux?

What is the best vacuum cleaner or home vacuum cleaner? These are the standing questions of those who are interested in buying a vacuum cleaner. And if you have these questions then invite readers to buy good vacuum cleaner below.

Dust is always a problem with many families. Especially with families near the manufacturing facilities, construction or highway. Resolving dust problems in the home requires a total solution, not just a vacuum cleaner. That you need to know the cause, the origin of dust. For example, with families at the side of the highway having many trucks, the priority must be to find ways to prevent dust from coming into the house rather than waiting for the dust to come in.
For less dusty places such as in private homes, apartments or offices, a vacuum cleaner is an effective solution for improving the living environment. So what kind of vacuum cleaner (handheld, vertical vacuum cleaner, robot) and what kind of vacuum cleaner do you have? These issues will be answered in turn in the following.

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1. Functions of the vacuum cleaner

The most basic function of a vacuum cleaner is to remove dirt on clean surfaces. The most common are vacuuming in the floor, carpeting in the carpet (hard to smoke a little), dust under the furniture in the family such as under the table, chests, chests … And for the purpose. Vacuum cleaners are divided into two basic groups: household vacuum cleaners (small capacity) and vacuum cleaners in industry, professional services (large capacity).

Household vacuum cleaners are designed quite compact with moderate capacity. The machine can clean raw dust, dust, dust in the air during the vacuum. The range of vacuum cleaner products range from household vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners, box vacuum cleaners and automatic vacuum cleaners. Home appliances typically have around 300W of vibration-free power, for basic home use.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are basically the same as household vacuum cleaners but have very high capacity, large containers. The structure of industrial vacuums is more complex than domestic vacuums such as the ability to vacuum dust (metals, glass, etc.). powerful water absorption function (for both cleaning and sucking); High quality dust filters such as HEPA, ULPA to remove allergens and prevent respiratory diseases.

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Many industrial vacuum cleaners are less expensive than household vacuum cleaners. Therefore, you may also consider purchasing industrial vacuum cleaners for home use to effectively vacuum.

2. What type of vacuum cleaner is best?

The most basic way of knowing when buying a vacuum cleaner is based on product design. Based on design and design, the family vacuum cleaner is divided into two main categories: Upright Vacuum Cleaners, Canister Vacuum Cleaners, Hand Vacuum Cleaners and Vacuum Blowers. automatic dust.

2.1 Vacuum Cleaner Vertical (Upright)

Vertical vacuum cleaners have a large capacity, making vacuuming fast and clean. These vertical series are widely used in the US but not popular in Vietnam. Standing machines have large volume dust bags, which are dusty. This is a line of products with good hygienic matting, which canister vacuum cleaner products popular in Vietnam can not do.

However, the vertical vacuum cleaner products are quite cumbersome, difficult to clean the upper areas such as curtains, ceilings. The most basic reason that this product is not popular in Vietnam is probably related to the high price.

Among the family of vacuum cleaners, these vertical vacuum cleaners are the best. The high power of the machine ensures fast cleaning and the vacuum cleaner in the house.

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2.2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister vacuum cleaners are typically designed with paper bags / plastic boxes to store dust. The basic function is dry dust extraction or suction extraction. The weight of the Canister is lighter than the Upright and weighs in at 5 to 7 kg.
This type of machine is designed with cat litter box connected to suction head, the engine is compact in the body. It comes with a wide range of vacuum cleaner accessories, such as floor nozzles, extension pipes, flexible hoses, suction and brushes, etc. These accessories increase the flexibility of the machine and help you clean the Unusual location such as cabinets, curtain rails, chairs, stairs.

These Canister vacuum cleaners are sold very much outside the market. With moderate power, easy to use, the machine is used in the home to vacuum dust on the floor. The biggest disadvantage of this machine is that it is difficult to clean areas with thick carpets. Besides the dust bag of this line is quite small so you will have to dust often.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

In addition to horizontal vacuum cleaner, portable vacuum cleaner products are also sold quite widely and quite popular in Vietnam. These products have the advantage of being very easy to use. You can carry the machine to vacuum dust in the corner, overhead … The handset is battery type and uses electricity directly. Using this machine you can clean the dirt on the stove, on the top of the cabinet, on the desk or in the car, etc. With families often worship, the machine is easy to clean freckles. and clean the altar.

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