Things to know when choosing to buy a vacuum cleaner

In modern life, vacuum cleaner is becoming more familiar in every family. There are many types of vacuum cleaners on the market that make users wonder when choosing. This article gives readers more information before buying this device.

What types of vacuum cleaners do you have?

In the Vietnamese market, I divided into the two most common types of vertical vacuum cleaner (also known as Upright) and box vacuum cleaner (also called Canister). Some sellers also classify vacuum cleaners with or without bags, vacuum cleaners and hygienic dryers … but that nature is just one feature of these vacuum cleaners. There are also some other less popular vacuum cleaners such as portable vacuum cleaners, automatic vacuum cleaners (robots) …

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner: It is usually a “bulky” design with the engine mounted on the suction head. This machine is capable of cleaning large areas quickly, especially carpet floors thanks to large suction head and rotating brush, so it is popular in Europe and America. In Vietnam, families are less likely to use floor mats, and expensive (about twice as much as Canister models), so they are less sought after. In many supermarkets, the number and pattern of Upright vacuum cleaners are not many.

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2. Canister Vacuum Cleaner: A compact, lightweight design, the suction head connects to the body via a long cotter tube so it can be used flexibly to clean high places, hard to reach or areas. At the same time, with the separate design of the nozzle and the body like this, this machine is easy to move, does not spend much storage space.
The Canister vacuum cleaner is currently the most popular vacuum cleaner on the market from model to price. It is suitable for vacuuming in homes with an average area. With just over 1 million VND, customers can choose from many models available at supermarkets.

Handheld vacuum cleaners: These machines have a lightweight design for hand grip, low power, and can be used with batteries, and are often used to suck lightweight dust such as food scraps and computer keyboard dust. , freckles or dust on the altar.
4. Automatic Vacuum Cleaner (vacuum cleaner robot) is a new type of vacuum cleaner, which is capable of working automatically, in a compact form but at a premium price of 3.5 million dong or more. Although it can operate automatically, most of these machines only operate in a narrow range, operating only on a flat surface and sucking small dust particles, angular corners virtually wiped away. not high.
The general characteristics of these vacuum cleaners are that they come with accessories that help them work better with a variety of work areas or dust types.

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Vacuum cleaner in a bag or without a bag

No bag or dust bag is a feature of most vacuum cleaners. best bagged upright vacuum 2018

Pocket vacuum cleaner: The type of bag used to store dust. Bags of dust are made from many different materials, most of the dust bags are now made of paper, there are also made of fabric materials, superior to the ability to smell, antibacterial. The cost of the original bag when purchased will be more expensive than the paper bag because it can be washed to use repeatedly while the paper bag should be removed when full, so long-lasting machine using paper bags. will cost you even more expensive replacements, especially when some models require the right type of bag specifically for that machine.

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The initial investment cost of a pocket vacuum cleaner is usually less expensive than a bagless one. It is considered to be more durable, with lower maintenance costs as most vacuum cleaners have a lot of dusty layers, some with automatic dust cover when removed from the machine to prevent dust escape. out, prevent the possibility of dust allergy to sensitive people.

Pocket vacuum cleaner: Instead of a bag, the machine is equipped with a plastic box to store dust. When the box is full, you only need to remove the box, clean it and reassemble it, no worries about the inconvenience of vacuuming the bag as it is in the bag, which means you do not have to spend money. cost of dust bag With a plastic container, the user is well aware of the container is not filled to clean in time and does not affect the suction power of the machine. However, it is also a disadvantage because dusty hypersensitive people will have trouble cleaning each dust container or box that is not sufficiently closed to prevent dust from spilling out.

Often, the bagless machine works better than a bag and also consumes more power. In principle, a vacuum cleaner does not use a bag to allow dirt to pass through the long nozzle and the filters make the machine noise. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly and replaced every 6 months so that it does not become clogged, affecting the suction power of the machine.

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Machine capacity and dust extraction capacity

Machine capacity and vacuum capacity are two concepts that many people confuse. Machine power is an indicator of the power consumption of a vacuum cleaner. For example, if the power indicator is 1000W ~ 250W and the suction power is 590W ~ 90W, it means that when using a minimum suction power of 90W, the power consumption is equivalent to 250W, when using Maximum power consumption is 590W, the power consumption is about 1000W and vice versa. The higher the power, the higher the power consumption, but it does not mean that the suction power is high. Suction power also depends on the design of the machine and other parts. There are many types of high power consumption machines but the power draw is very weak, thus wasting electricity. If you do not vacuum well, you will have difficulty using it. So when buying a vacuum cleaner, choose a machine with low power factor that high power absorption, which means low power operation that the suction power is still strong. At least a model with a capacity of 500W or higher. Dust light In the process of using a vacuum cleaner, dust on the inside requires that we clean the machine so that it does not affect the engine. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a machine with a warning light that reminds the user that the engine is dusty enough to be cleaned in a timely manner, limiting excessive dusting to damage the machine. Manufacturers There are many brands of vacuum cleaners in the market such as Hitachi, Sanyo, Electrolux, Panasonic, LG, Samsung …, in which Hitachi, LG are two brands of vacuum cleaner prestige in Vietnam. These brands have genuine warranty centers in Vietnam, and there are available replacement parts and products that provide customers with a good combination of quality and design.

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