Differentiate the bagless and pocketless vacuum cleaners

Advantages of pocket vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner with dusty bag in cloth bag. Dust bags are made of various materials.

Nowadays, most of the machines come with a dust bag made from paper, which is also made of fabric, which is superior to absorbent and antibacterial fabrics.

When your vacuum cleaner is filled with dirt, you need to replace it. There is no need to spend time dusting down after cleaning the house and the dirt that does not float around like a bag vacuum cleaner. best vacuum brand reddit

It is more durable and has a lower maintenance cost. This is a dusty dust bag that can prevent allergic and asthma sufferers from being exposed to dust.

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In addition, vacuum cleaner with dust bag also helps increase the efficiency of the filter by reducing the dust, debris falls into the machine, obstructing the air. The cost of vacuum cleaner bags cheaper, low maintenance costs, less damage or reduced power and can operate more durable.


If you use it for a long time it will cost you a replacement dust bag and some models require the right kind of bag specifically for that machine. On the other hand, reusable bags need to be cleaned of dust, washed and dried thoroughly before being put into the vacuum cleaner.

Many times, it’s hard to tell when the dust bag is full, although some models are equipped with a light. In addition, when the bag is full, dust can fill the air, reduce machine performance and make the machine more active, consuming electricity.

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Dust bag material
At present, dust bags are made from a lot of materials such as paper, each time the bag is full, it can be taken out and thrown away, or ordinary cloth, or more advanced bags have antibacterial, bugs, small dust filter …

When buying a vacuum cleaner, you should choose a machine that protects the dust bag to protect it from damage as it can draw metal objects. Some types of vacuum cleaners are now equipped with magnets that help prevent scrap iron when the machine enters.

Advantages of vacuum cleaner bagless

The bagless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a plastic box to retain the dirt and debris. When the plastic container is full of dirt, simply remove the box, clean it and reassemble it. So you do not have to worry about the cost of buying dust bags and also help protect the environment from pollution.

Bags do not work better than bags. With a plastic container, the user easily recognizes the container is full for not clean in time and does not affect the suction power of the machine.

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– When using a vacuum cleaner with no bag, the discharge of dust can cause flying dust, which is not suitable for allergy sufferers or asthma sufferers.

– Some vacuum cleaners work well only when the filter is clean, free from obstruction.

In principle, a vacuum cleaner does not use a bag to keep dirt from passing through the long nozzle and filters that make the machine noise.

The filter needs to be cleaned regularly and replaced every 6 months so that it does not become clogged, affecting the suction power of the machine.

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