Compare and contrast the 3 best-selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners today

Are you in need of a good vacuum cleaner? Is your primary use for home use? You want it to meet some of the following criteria:

Comes from a reputable brand, guaranteeing quality and durability
Trusted by many people choose
Power, function to meet the needs of your home or office
Genuine warranty 12 months or more
Have a reasonable price
You see the vacuum cleaner brand Electrolux very suitable for the above criteria! In order to help you choose the best price with the best service, warranty in this article I would like to introduce to you 3 vacuum cleaners Electrolux are selling best today!

electrolux vacuum 3
Electrolux Z2405 Vacuum Cleaner

With a price of only 1 million, this is a machine that many people judge: Should buy the most! If you ask why, here are a few reasons:

Compact, beautiful design, easy to use
There are wheels at the foot, making it easy to move
Capacity and capacity of dust storage meet the needs of the family
The machine possesses a Hepa microfiltration filter, which removes 99% of harmful bacteria!
The machine works smoothly, surely
Many say it is quite noisy when in operation but if you compare it to the same price segment it is much quieter!
Accessories include: 3 different types of suction head to clean all positions from small to wide from low to high, including narrow slot
Finally: Compared to other products of the same function, it has a much cheaper price!

electrolux vacuum 4
Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux ZLUX1811

Some reviews:

Beautiful design, sure, good finishing in the price range
Wheels and handles help you move the machine most easily
Suction power strong enough to meet the needs of home cleaning: Floor vacuum, carpet rug, suction dog dogs …

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Equipped with the Hepa standard filter and advanced cyclonic cyclonic suction technology to help remove dirt most thoroughly. We generally appreciate this attraction compared to other products same price range!
Plastic dust compartment can be lifted out for dust and easy cleaning. However, the capacity of 1 liter seems a little, with this capacity you may have to pour dust if you want to clean up a large house
The machine works quite smoothly and the noise level is acceptable
The machine has a flexible power knob, which can be said to be the most flexible in the price range
Accessories are available to meet the daily needs
The product is highly appreciated both in terms of quality, features and durability

electrolux vacuum 5
Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux Z931

Designed by industrial vacuum cleaner Crucial Tips on the Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner ! Having wheels helps move the machine easily
With a capacity of 1600 liters and a capacity of 1,600W, cyclonic vacuum technology makes it an efficient cleaning tool, saving effort and time!
 Accessories include 3 different suction heads
A dusty light, let you know when to empty and clean the dust container!
Of course, it also has the function of: blowing dust and draining water
Despite the large capacity but the size of the machine is quite compact!
However, with noise up to 78 dB, it is very noisy when operating it!

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