Advice on buying a good vacuum cleaner between Hitachi, Electrolux and Panasonic?

Vacuum cleaners are becoming one of the most important cleaners in the daily life, but you know how to choose a good vacuum cleaner that is affordable.

Especially with so many market fluctuations and variants of current types, the selection of a high quality vacuum cleaner to serve the needs of cleaning and cleaning dust in your house. it’s not simple.

So with the experience of buying and using a vacuum cleaner, in this article we will advise you how to choose a good product and the most affordable. Do not hesitate anymore, do not start now!

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What is a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are a dirty sanitizer that is widely used in everyday life. Relying on the air pump vacuum cleaner will create a vacuum environment to suck up all kinds of dirt on the floor or other surfaces. Then the dirt will be collected in a bag for disposal.

Vacuum cleaners are now available in a wide range of sizes and models, ranging from mini-sized handheld vacuum cleaners or family size vacuum cleaners. Even industrial vacuum cleaners of great size and capacity are capable of handling hundreds of cubic meters of dirt at the same time.

Construction of a vacuum cleaner

Whether they are small sized portable vacuum cleaners or large industrial vacuum cleaners, there are basically the following main components:
Machine motors.
Dust filter bags.
Loading port.
Exhaust gates
Other components …

Principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner

Not only the structure is relatively the same, but also the principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner is not much different, with the principle of common operation is quite simple. When the vacuum cleaner is switched on, the electric motor rotates at high speed, when the electric motor rotates the propeller on top of the rotating shaft at a rapid rate and produces a very strong gravitational pull. .

Directly connected to the machine, the suction power is so strong that it can drain all the air and dust out of the environment, the dust is drawn from the dust collector through the filter. It is put into a dust bag or dust container.

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Types of vacuum cleaners

Manufacturers divide the vacuum cleaner into two basic types: Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Canister Vacuum Cleaner, but apart from these two types, we also see more on the market. Other types of vacuum cleaners include mini handheld vacuum cleaners or robotic vacuum cleaners.
Each type will have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the environment and use purposes we will have the appropriate choice. Specific advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Used primarily in the industry, it is a vacuum cleaner with a vertical design that allows you to push along the floor to vacuum easily and quickly.

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Owning a large engine and nozzle, powerful power should be able to absorb dust and dirt with time and speed quickly.
Comes with a range of dust extraction accessories.

Heavy weight, bulky when moving.
Not widely used in Vietnam, mainly in USA and European countries.
Canister Vacuum Cleaner: Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a widely used and popular in the market today, has a convenient adjustment button to help users more flexible while being able to vacuum in. hard floor and carpet. In addition, many manufacturers now support more suction to remove dust in the high areas, undergrowth or furniture, television …

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Affordable, only about 1-3 million per machine.
Compact design, easy to move during vacuuming.
It can be reused by cleaning the dust box after it is dusty, at no cost to dust bags, but also to protect the environment.
Equipped with HEPA filter to help prevent deodorant is very good, safe for the health of users.
Easy to disassemble.

With thick rugs, it is more difficult to use a Canister vacuum cleaner.
The filter needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.
Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: One of the most popular models available today, with a small, easy-to-hold grip, you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to vacuum the small size of the unit. As an altar, computer keyboard, laptop, food scraper, car … very convenient, to equip your family with a good vacuum cleaner hand, affordable is very necessary.

The price is only a few hundred thousand you can afford a portable vacuum cleaner.
Compact design, easy to hold as well as storage.

Weak capacity.
Operated by batteries, batteries must be replaced regularly.
Inability to absorb large amounts of dust.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner (Robot): Also known as a lightweight, lightweight vacuum cleaner robot, it works just like a hand-held vacuum cleaner. the ability to work on a flat surface and very limited when operating in the corner or corner.

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