3 cheap family vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are very comfortable dirt cleaners that are now used by many families. Instead of having to use a brush to sweep away dirt, the vacuum cleaner removes dirt from the floor and other surfaces. These dusts are put into the bag of the machine.

At present, there are many different vacuum cleaner products to meet the many requirements of customers. From battery-operated handheld vacuum cleaners to larger sized household vacuum cleaners and electric appliances. Also specialized is the industrial vacuum cleaner, capacity and large size to treat industrial waste.

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It is possible for different types of vacuum cleaners to vary in capacity, size, and weight, but basically they are all the same. The vacuum cleaner is made up of the following components:

Machine motors.
Dust filter bags.
Loading port.
Exhaust gates
Other components …


When we start the vacuum cleaner, the engine will spin at high speed, along with the propeller positioned above the axis of rotation with rapid speed to create a strong suction to dust. waste into. Through the dust hose connected directly to the vacuum cleaner, the dirt will pass through the nozzle, through the filter and into the dust bag.

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In the past, the vacuum cleaner market has been divided into two categories: 1 is a vertical vacuum cleaner and 2 is a vacuum cleaner box, but now there are many other types of vacuum cleaner, automatic vacuum cleaner … to meet the requirements of customers.

But nowadays, families use a box vacuum cleaner. So in this article we just mentioned the pros and cons of household vacuum cleaners or box vacuum cleaners

Advantages :

Adjustable knob for more flexible use when both can be vacuumed on the hard floor and the carpet.
With many types of vacuum cleaner modern today also support many types of vacuum cleaner in high places, corner hidden …
Compact design, easy to handle, easy to move, so convenient to vacuum
The price is right for many households
The dustbin of the vacuum cleaner is easily cleaned after being vacuumed, so there is absolutely no cost to buy a dust bag.
Household vacuum cleaners are now equipped with HEPA filters, which are more resistant to deodorant than older generations.
Dust container is easy to remove for cleaning

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Often, it is not possible to clean the dirt with thick mats
To keep the vacuum cleaner running smoothly and tightly, you need to regularly clean and maintain the filter.

The following is a typical vacuum cleaner manual:
Before operating the vacuum cleaner:
– When installing or unplugging the machine, make sure that the vacuum cleaner is disconnected.
– Make sure the filter is in the correct position, not clogged or choked
– Do not let the handle or straws come into contact with any liquid
Make sure your hands are really dry before using them

When operating a vacuum cleaner:
– When inserting the nozzle into the suction nozzle, make sure the nozzle is inserted in the correct position by hearing the separation.
– Reattach the straw with the handle and the suction cup.
– Pull the lanyard and plug it into the wall socket
– Press the power button to start the machine
– Adjust the suction power by adjusting knobs or handles.

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– Unplug the cable and press the receiver button. Use one hand to hold the end of the string to adjust the ear during the recording.
– You must turn off the power before turning off the power to clean the machine.


Vacuum cleaner is so convenient to choose a suitable product is very important. The factors you should pay attention when choosing a vacuum cleaner are:

1. Price

The cost of a vacuum cleaner varies from $ 1 million to more than $ 6 million, giving more choices to users.

Cheap vacuum cleaners will have lower power. Along with that is the lower level of the less expensive machines.

2. Capacity

Housewives often confuse the vacuum capacity and capacity of the machine. Machine power is an indicator of the power consumption of a vacuum cleaner. The higher the vacuum capacity, the higher the power consumption, but it does not mean that the suction power is high.

Often the most used vacuum cleaners are in the 300 to 500W range. With this range of power savings and still meet the needs of the family.

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